All brides dream of a picture perfect wedding, but for some, the idea of planning it can be very stressful. This was the case with this sweet, soft spoken, geophysicist bride. We were more than happy to help! She gave us a good starting point with a budget, location, and guest list. Once she chose an invitation we took the color scheme and ran with it. The wedding took place at the groom's family home. The ceremony was held in front of the vegetable garden with the Olympic Mountains in the background. Cocktails were served on the lawn among games of croquet. The bride handmade the guest favors (hand thrown pottery) and the groom's sister baked the cupcakes that served as a wedding cake. The flower arrangements were made the day before by the bridesmaids and the groom's sisters. The love and homespun touches that went into this wedding made it oh-so special.

Photo Credit: Noelle Johnson Photography